Episode 9

Blame it on Cain… Sugar Cane

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How sweet it is! This grass grows to a height of 10-13 feet high and supplies most of the world’s sugar market. A native of New Guinea, it has spread across the tropics and subtropics Westward, where it is now also cultivated in the Americas and Caribbean. Sugarcane is responsible for more than 70% of the global production of sugar, and is the world’s largest crop by production quantity! In 2016 alone, 1.9 billion tonnes of this crop was produced, and it is estimated that about 64 million acres – equivalent to 26 million hectares – is planted with this crop globally.

About Cassandra Quave

Prof. Cassandra Quave is best known for her ground breaking research on the science of botanicals. Scientists in her research lab work to uncover some of nature’s deepest secrets as they search for new ways to fight life-threatening diseases, including antibiotic resistant infections. Working with a global network of scientists and healers, Cassandra and her team travel the world hunting for new plant ingredients, interviewing healers, and bringing plants back to the lab to study. Besides research, Cassandra is an award-winning teacher, and has developed and taught the college classes “Food, Health and Society” and “Botanical Medicine and Health” at Emory University.

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