Our research has been covered by a number of global press outlets in print, on radio and TV in various languages. Below is a list of select media attention. 

**Press inquiries and requests for appointments for calls or in person meetings with Dr. Quave should be addressed to Ms. Myleshia Perryman (Administrative Assistant for the Quave Research Group) by email ( or phone (+1 404-727-7065).

Radio and Podcast Appearances
  1. Podcast interview on Paul Kirtley’s Blog: “PK Podcast 030: Dr. Cassandra Quave on studying medicinal uses of plants and the treatment of infectious disease”, 4/2018
  2. Feature profile on WABE NPR station: “The Medicine Woman: Emory Researcher Takes Up Fight Against Superbugs”, 3/2018
  3. Feature profile on Slack show from Pacific Content, Work in Progress: “Episode 29: Because, Science”, 7/2017
  4. Featured guest on The Front Row podcast: “Future of Epidemics”, 6/2017
  5. Featured guest on NPR show On Point with Tom Ashbrook (nationally syndicated radio show): “The plant based solution to antibiotic resistance”, 9/2016
  6. Feature guest on NPR show Big Picture Science (nationally syndicated science show), “Venom Diagram” 9/2016
TV and Film Appearances
  1. Research profile on documentary covering novel strategies for combatting antibiotic resistance, to air on ZDF in Fall 2018, Germany’s largest public TV station.
  2. Feature profile on German TV news magazine series “Life – Humans, Moments, Stories” . Episode 5. August 4, 2018. RTL, Europe’s biggest broadcaster.
  3. Mini-documentary on my research featured in “Cheating Death” medicine episode of the National Geographic Channel series “Origins: The Journey of Humankind”, 3/13/2017
  4. Invited guest on “Science Today”, a science talk show held during the 2015 Atlanta Science Festival, 3/22/2015, Weblink:
  5. Poison plants revolutionize medicine” Interview video on Emory University YouTube Channel, 2/2015
Museum and Botanical Garden Exhibitions
  1. Featured in permanent exhibit at the Conservatoire et Jardin Botaniques Genève (The Ethnobotanical Gardens) of the Museums of Geneva, Switzerland. , 6/2017
Art Exhibitions
  1. Featured in an artistic exhibit by Florian Fülscher to be shown in a Zurich, Switzerland gallery in March 2019
Print Media (Newspapers, Blogs, Magazines)
  1. From folklore to pharmacy” Quoted and research featured in Chemistry World, 8/13/2018.
  2. The Plant Hunters” Feature profile in Emory News, 8/6/2018.
  3. Quoted in Science Magazine “Plan to amend biopiracy rules would ‘smother research,’ biologists warn”, 7/3/2018
  4. Die Pflanzendetektivin” [The plant detective]. Research profile in Tages-Anzeiger, Swiss newspaper, p. 58 [German] 5/26/2018
  5. Die Pflanzendetektivin” [The plant detective]. Research profile in Süddeutsche Zeitung, German newspaper, [German] 5/12/2018
  6. Natur gegen Superkeime” [Nature versus Superbugs]. Research profile in Brigitte Magazin, the most widely circulated women’s magazine in Germany, Issue 9, [German] 5/2018
  7. Peppertree Potions”. Research feature in Ask Magazine (Science magazine for children aged 6-9 years old), April 2018 Issue, page 12-14. 4/2018
  8. The new herbalist”. (In cover feature: Why the end isn’t nigh: The science that makes us feel good about the future). BBC Focus, February 2018 Issue.
  9. Kräuter gegen Keime”. Technology Review: Das Magazin Fur Innovation, Research feature [German] 1/2018
  10. The Power of Plants” Emory Magazine Winter 2018 issue
  11. Big Read: Loss of tropical forests threatens search for antibiotics”. WikiTribune, November 2017
  12. Botanical medicine course takes multi-disciplinary look at how plants can heal” Emory Report, 11/30/2017.
  13. A Future Without Antibiotics?” Emory Medicine Magazine Winter 2017, page 14-23.
  14. Superbugs, meet your worst nightmare: This peppertreeNational Geographic Magazine, Research highlight, September 2017 Issue.
  15. Science Reddit AMA on Medicinal Plants, 5/2017
  16. Human health student fights back against bacteria with research”. Emory News Center, 4/2017
  17. “The Weed Whisperer”. Emory Medicine Magazine Spring 2017 issue, page 11.
  18. How Medicine Made us Modern” National Geographic, 3/2017
  19. New way to fight superbugs found in noxious weed” National Geographic:, 2/2017
  20. Press release on Muhs et al. Scientific Reports February 2017 paper featured in news sources online in multiple languages (English, German, French, Portugese, and more). Sample headlines include:
    1. Science Alert: These Brazilian Red Berries Could Hold the Key to Fighting Deadly Superbugs
    2. Deccan Chronicle: ‘Noxious weed’ may help fight superbugs: study
    3. Science Daily: Brazilian peppertree packs power to knock out antibiotic-resistant bacteria
    4. Portland Press Herald: Indigenous plant extract may be superbug nemesis
    5. Lighthouse News Daily: Brazilian Peppertree berries may be useful in the superbug fight
    6. Jornal O Globo: Planta native do Brasil pode desarmar bactérias resistentes a antibióticos [Portugese]
    7. Observador: Bagas de árvore da pimenta do Brasil desarmam bactérias multiresistentes [Portugese]
    8. Duurzaam: Antibioticaresistentie bestrijden met hernieuwbare bron [Dutch]
    9. Pourquoi Docteur: Staphylocoque doré Antibiorésistance : les possibles vertus des baies roses [French]
    10. IFL Science: Brazilian Peppertree Helps Fight Off Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs
    11. Technology Networks: Plant power disables MRSA bacteria
    12. Business standard: ‘Noxious weed’ may help fight superbugs: study
  21. Humble red berry could be the answer to deadly superbugsThe Telegraph, 2/2017
  22. Noxious weed may provide new way to fight superbugs” NBC News, 2/2017
  23. Common weed could help fight deadly superbug, study findsWashington Post, 2/2017
  24. Could this common weed help fight deadly superbugs?” CBS News, 2/2017
  25. Profiled in Valor magazine, “Volver a la Botánica” [Spanish] 1/2017
  26. Quoted in Nature Medicine 22(11): 1197-1199 News Feature by S. Chakradhar: ”What’s old is new: Reconfiguring known antibiotics to fight drug resistance” , 11/2016
  27. Profiled in the Garden Club of America’s Bulletin Fall 2016 magazine issue: “The GCA’s 2007 Chatham Fellowship Winner Today: A Medical Phenomenon”
  28. Feature profile in the New York Times Magazine: “Could ancient remedies hold the answer to the looming antibiotics crisis?” 9/2016
  29. Featured in Mother Nature News Network “Will the next antibiotic breakthrough come from these humble plants?” 9/2016
  30. Featured in online trade magazine Nutra “Botanicals hit national spotlight in article on ethnobotany”, 9/2016
  31. Quoted and featured in Native Plant News Spring/Summer 2016 “Botanists Find New Ways to Inspire Students” , 6/2016
  32. From the field to the Emory Herbarium: How knowledge of nature blooms”. eScience Commons and Emory News, 4/2016.
  33. Contro i batteri resistenti, le foglie di CastagnoDiari del Web, [Italian] 12/2015
  34. Press release on Quave et al. PLoS ONE August 2015 paper featured in 50+ news sources (online and print) in multiple languages (English, German, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, Korean and more). Sample of headlines with links:
    1. Sweet chestnut leaves may hold MRSA cure
    2. Science Daily: Chestnut leaves yield extract that disarms deadly staph bacteria
    3. Un extracto de las hojas del castaño, eficaz contra las bacterias estafilococos [Spanish]
    4. European Chestnut leaf extract disarms Staphylococcus aureus
    5. Chestnut leaves yield extract that disarms deadly staph bacteria
    6. Hospital superbug MRSA could be beaten with an unusual cure
    7. Express & Star: Sweet chestnut tree chemicals ‘disarm’ MRSA superbug
    8. GEN News: A not so old chestnut, extract disables MRSA
    9. Bild der Wissenschaft: Antibiotikum-alternative aus Kastanienblattern? [German]
    10. Univision Salud: Hojas del castano contra los estafilococos [Spanish]
    11. NaukawPolsce: Ekstrakt z liści kasztana unieszkodliwia bakterie [Polish]
    12. Underground Health Reporter: Chestnuts can fight off dangerous bacterial infections
  35. Cutting off communication”, BioTechniques science magazine, 9/10/2015
  36. Chestnut disarms superbug”, Chemistry and Industry Magazine, 9/2015
  37. In the Balkans, resilience is rooted in knowledge of wild plantsEmory University eScience Commons. 2/2015
  38. The power of poisons: From Cleopatra to Socrates and CyclopsEmory University News Center and eScience Commons. 2/2015
  39. Poison in history and myth” Interview video on Emory University YouTube Channel 2/2015
  40. Quoted in National Geographic blog: “1,000 year old remedy may cure MRSA, still faces regulatory hurdles” 4/7/2015
  41. Chestnut leaves yield extract that disarms deadly bacteriaEmory University eScience
  42. A Taste of Traditional Italian Medicine” Emory University eScience Commons. 7/2013
  43. Quoted in Emory Magazine piece: “The Art of the Sell”, Emory Medicine 9/2012
  44. Medicine WomanEmory Magazine Autumn 2012 Edition. 8/2012
  45. Her patient approach to health: Tapping traditional remedies to fight modern super bugs”, Emory University eScience Commons 8/2012
  46. Phipp’s grant leads to medical venture”, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 10/2011
  47. UAMS Startup Wins Top-Three Finish in Harvard Competition”. UAMS Website 6/2011
  48. “UAMS Startup PhytoTEK Reaches Finals at Harvard Business Plan Competition” Innovate Arkansas 5/2011
  49. Quave: Medicine Woman”, Sync, 12/2010
Outreach to the Disabled Community
  1. Featured in The Outdoor Swimming Society website article “Putting accessible swims on the map”. The article discusses ways to improve accessibility for amputees on wild swims.
  2. Featured and quoted in Outdoor Swimmer Magazine Issue 17 on the topic of accessibility for disabled swimmers. “Access all areas” 8/2018.
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