Our research has been covered by a number of press outlets. Here, we highlight some of the higher impact media releases:

Television and Film

  • Mini-documentary on research featured in “Cheating Death” medicine episode of the National Geographic Channel series “Origins: The Journey of Humankind”, 3/13/2017

Radio and Podcasts



Washington Post: “Common weed could help fight deadly superbug, study finds”, 2/2017

Web News


Web Videos

Museum Exhibits

  • Featured in permanent exhibit at the Conservatoire et Jardin Botaniques Genève (The Ethnobotanical Gardens) of the Museums of Geneva, Switzerland. , 6/2017

Other Media

List of Other Media Appearances:

  1. Quave: Medicine Woman”, Sync, 12/2010
  2. “UAMS Startup PhytoTEK Reaches Finals at Harvard Business Plan Competition” Innovate Arkansas 5/2011
  3. Phipp’s grant leads to medical venture”, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 10/2011
  4. UAMS Startup Wins Top-Three Finish in Harvard Competition”. UAMS Website 6/2011
  5. Her patient approach to health: Tapping traditional remedies to fight modern super bugs”, Emory University eScience Commons 8/2012
  6. Quoted in Emory Magazine piece: “The Art of the Sell”, Emory Medicine 9/2012
  7. Medicine WomanEmory Magazine Autumn 2012 Edition. 8/2012
  8. A Taste of Traditional Italian Medicine” Emory University eScience Commons. 7/2013
  9. In the Balkans, resilience is rooted in knowledge of wild plantsEmory University eScience Commons. 2/2015
  10. The power of poisons: From Cleopatra to Socrates and CyclopsEmory University News Center and eScience Commons. 2/2015
  11. Poison plants revolutionize medicine” Interview video on Emory University YouTube Channel 2/2015
  12. Poison in history and myth” Interview video on Emory University YouTube Channel 2/2015
  13. Quoted in National Geographic blog: “1,000 year old remedy may cure MRSA, still faces regulatory hurdles” 4/7/2015
  14. Chestnut leaves yield extract that disarms deadly bacteriaEmory University eScience Commons. 8/2015
  15. Press release on Quave et al. PLoS ONE August 2015 paper featured in 50+ news sources (online and print) in multiple languages (English, German, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, and more). Sample of headlines with links:
    1. European Chestnut leaf extract disarms Staphylococcus aureus
    2. Sweet chestnut leaves may hold MRSA cure
    3. Science Daily: Chestnut leaves yield extract that disarms deadly staph bacteria
    4. es: Un extracto de las hojas del castaño, eficaz contra las bacterias estafilococos
    5. org: Chestnut leaves yield extract that disarms deadly staph bacteria
    6. Hospital superbug MRSA could be beaten with an unusual cure
    7. Express & Star: Sweet chestnut tree chemicals ‘disarm’ MRSA superbug
    8. GEN News: A not so old chestnut, extract disables MRSA
    9. Bild der Wissenschaft: Antibiotikum-alternative aus Kastanienblattern?
    10. Univision Salud: Hojas del castano contra los estafilococos
    11. NaukawPolsce: Ekstrakt z liści kasztana unieszkodliwia bakterie
    12. Underground Health Reporter: Chestnuts can fight off dangerous bacterial infections
  16. Cutting off communication”, BioTechniques science magazine, 9/10/2015
  17. Chestnut disarms superbug”, Chemistry and Industry Magazine, 9/2015
  18. Contro i batteri resistenti, le foglie di CastagnoDiari del Web, 12/2015
  19. From the field to the Emory Herbarium: How knowledge of nature blooms”. eScience Commons and Emory News, 4/2016.
  20. Quoted and featured in Native Plant News Spring/Summer 2016 “Botanists Find New Ways to Inspire Students”, 6/2016
  21. Featured in Mother Nature Network: “Will the next antibiotic breakthrough come from these humble plants?“, 9/2016
  22. Featured in online trade magazine Nutra “Botanicals hit national spotlight in article on ethnobotany”, 9/2016
  23. Profiled in the Garden Club of America Bulletin Fall 2016 magazine issue: “The GCA’s 2007 Chatham Fellowship Winner Today: A Medical Phenomenon”, 11/2016
  24. Quoted in Nature Medicine 22(11): 1197-1199 News Feature by S. Chakradhar :” What’s old is new: Reconfiguring known antibiotics to fight drug resistance”,11/2016
  25. Humble red berry could be the answer to deadly superbugs” The Telegraph, 2/2017
  26. Noxious weed may provide new way to fight superbugs” NBC News, 2/2017
  27. Common weed could help fight deadly superbug, study finds” Washington Post, 2/2017
  28. Brazilian peppertree berry shows fight in tackling MRSA infections: Mice study” NutraIngredients, 2/2017
  29. Superbug cure? Red berries from Brazilian peppertree neutralize antibiotic-resistant MRSA bacteria” Medical Daily, 2/2017
  30. Press release on Muhs et al. Scientific Reports February 2017 paper featured in news sources online in multiple languages (English, German, French, Portugese, and more). Sample headlines include:
    1. Science Alert: These Brazilian Red Berries Could Hold the Key to Fighting Deadly Superbugs
    2. Deccan Chronicle: ‘Noxious weed’ may help fight superbugs: study
    3. Science Daily: Brazilian peppertree packs power to knock out antibiotic-resistant bacteria
    4. Portland Press Herald: Indigenous plant extract may be superbug nemesis
    5. Lighthouse News Daily: Brazilian Peppertree berries may be useful in the superbug fight
    6. Jornal O Globo: Planta native do Brasil pode desarmar bactérias resistentes a antibióticos
    7. Observador: Bagas de árvore da pimenta do Brasil desarmam bactérias multiresistentes
    8. Duurzaam: Antibioticaresistentie bestrijden met hernieuwbare bron
    9. Pourquoi Docteur: Staphylocoque doré Antibiorésistance : les possibles vertus des baies roses
    10. IFL Science: Brazilian Peppertree Helps Fight Off Antibiotic-Resistant Superbug
    11. Technology Networks: Plant power disables MRSA bacteria
    12. Business standard: ‘Noxious weed’ may help fight superbugs: study 
  31. Mini-documentary on research featured in “Cheating Death” medicine episode of the National Geographic Channel series “Origins: The Journey of Humankind”, 3/13/2017
  32. Human health student fights back against bacteria with research”. Emory News Center, 4/2017
  33. Reddit AMA (Ask me Anything) on Medicinal Plants for Infectious Disease. 5/5/2017
  34. Featured guest on The Front Row podcast: “Future of Epidemics”, 6/2017
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