Medicina Popolare del Vulture

Traditional Healing in southern Italy

This soft-cover book was first printed in 2009 and distributed to community members in the various villages in Italy where Dr. Quave undertook field work. Written in both English and Italian, this book offers a unique description of traditional medicine in southern Italy. In addition to text, the book is full of color photographs of both the plants and people of this region.

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Medicina Popolare del Vulture Traditional Medicine of the Vulture-Alto Bradano area, Southern Italy

By: Cassandra L. Quave, PhD


Traditional medicine plays an important role in the everyday health-care of south Italians. In this bilingual book (Italian and English), I offer readers a glimpse into the world of popular medical remedies of the Vulture-Alto Bradano area of Basilicata, southern Italy. This area of Italy is unique due to the presence of two cultures: Italian and ethnic Albanian (Arbëreshë). The local uses, preparations and applications of medicinal plants and animals are described and accompanied by photos. Magical healing ceremonies that treat spiritual illnesses are described in detail. Local anecdotes and folklore associated with these remedies are also included, and bring the lively stories of the relationships between people and their environment to light.

Book Details

Total pages: 138 pages (74color, 64 black and white)
Softcover, perfect binding100 lb., glossy white stockpaper
8.5″ x 11″ x 1/2″ (landscapeformat)
ISBN: 978-1-61584-442-5
© Cassandra L. Quave, 2009
First printing in 2009, Current printing 2011 by Book1One (

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Popular medicine
III. Medicinal plants
IV. Zootherapy
V. Religious and magical healing
Index of medicinal plants
Index of medicinal animals
Index of ailments


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