Dr. Quave’s new book on teaching now available

Great news! The book is Innovative Strategies for Teaching in the Plant Sciences (C.L. Quave, Ed.; Springer Press) is out! Click here to order.

This was an amazing effort by an inspirational group of educators! Thanks again to Pat Harrison, Will McClatchey, Kent W Bridges, Sonia VI, Keri McNew Barfield, Ryan Huish, Laura Weiss Shiels, Sunshine L. Brosi, Valentina Savo, Ursula M. Arndt, Gail Wagner, Karen Hall, April Bishop Sawey, Nanci J. Ross, Michael Benedict (Mohawk), Kelly Kindscher, Raymond Pierotti, Rick Stepp, Lisa Gonzalez, Al Keali’i Chock, Brad Bennett, Maria Fadiman, Jan Salick, Cedric Barrett Baker, Gokhan Hacisalihoglu, Janelle Marie Baker, and Leslie Main Johnson!

To fellow plant science/botany/ethnobotany educators: I hope that you find these chapters as useful as I did!

Your comments/reviews on Amazon.com are also greatly appreciated.