8/17: Quave to speak at Georgia Herbalists Guild

Topic: Medical ethnobotany and the discovery of new drugs for antibiotic resistant infections
Dr. Quave will tell the story of how her research group has discovered new leads for antibiotic adjuvants, from field research documenting the traditional use of these plants in topical therapeutics for skin infections, to the laboratory analyses that have revealed their unique mechanisms of action against drug resistant bacteria, like MRSA.

When: Sunday, August 16th, 6:30 to 8 PM

Where: Atlanta Botanical Gardens. The lecture will be in the building on the left when you walk into the gardens, behind the fountain that has the blue and white glass sculpture on it. Admittance to the garden is free for the day if you are coming to our meeting.

Host: Georgia Herbalists Guild

Cost: Free and open to the public