New publication on MRSA in PLOS ONE

A new publication is out on a collaborative project between the Quave Lab (Emory University) and Horswill Lab (University of Iowa). Their latest study reports on the anti-virulence activity of compounds from Chestnut leaves. The extract blocks virulence by switching off the pathways necessary for the production of toxins. The paper is available via Open Access here:

Castanea sativa (European Chestnut) Leaf Extracts Rich in Ursene and Oleanene Derivatives Block Staphylococcus aureus Virulence and Pathogenesis without Detectable Resistance

  • Cassandra L. Quave ,
  • James T. Lyles,
  • Jeffery S. Kavanaugh,
  • Kate Nelson,
  • Corey P. Parlet,
  • Heidi A. Crosby,
  • Kristopher P. Heilmann,
  • Alexander R. Horswill