2017-2018 Speaking Schedule

Dr. Quave’s 2017-2018 Speaking Schedule

Updated: 7/21/2017

Public Lectures

University Research Seminars

  • University of North Carolina Greensboro, Department of Chemistry Seminar. “Ethnobotany and the search for novel anti-infectives for the post-antibiotic era”. Greensboro, North Carolna, 9/29/2017.
  • Cornell University, Department of Plant Biology Seminar, “Medical ethnobotany and the discovery of new drugs from nature” Ithaca, New York, 11/10/2017.
  • University of Oregon, Department of Chemistry Seminar. “Medical ethnobotany and anti-infective drug discovery” Eugene, Oregon, 3/8/2018.
  • Florida State University, Sponsored by the College of Medicine and Biological Research Department, Grand Rounds Seminar, Tallahassee, Florida, 5/10/2018.

University Research Symposia

  •  Georgia Institute of Technology, Antibiotics: Discovery, Resistance and Alternatives, “Ethnobotanical approach to anti-infective drug discovery”, Atlanta, Georgia, 8/15/2017.
  •  University of Virginia, Symposium on Plant Life, Charlottesville, Virginia, 2/23-24/2018.

 Scientific Conferences