New Job Opportunities in the Quave Research Group

Update: We have filled all of the openings advertised this summer. Thanks for your interest in the lab! Follow us on Social Media for new job listings as they become available.
We have some exciting new job opportunities with the Quave Research Group at Emory University! Job listings are now posted and we will evaluate candidates and schedule interviews in mid-June. See the links below for full job descriptions and application instructions. 
  • Postdoctoral Fellow in Microbiology. We are seeking a microbiologist with experience in work with one or more of the following areas: antibiotic resistance research, biofilm testing, MIC testing, quorum sensing and virulence testing.
  • Postdoctoral Fellow in Natural Products Chemistry. We are seeking a natural products chemist or pharmacognosist with experience in analytical characterization of natural product extracts, compound isolation and de novo structural elucidation. Experience in LCMS and NMR required.
  • Administrative Assistant. We are seeking an administrative assistant for the Quave Research Group with strong organizational and writing skills.
  • Research Specialist. We are seeking a research specialist with experience in microbiology research to work on drug discovery projects for ESKAPE pathogens.