New review article: Wound healing with botanicals

We have a new review article published in Current Dermatology Reports :

Quave, C.L. (2018). Wound healing with botanicals: A review and future perspectives. Current Dermatology Reports DOI 10.1007/s13671-018-0247-4 .  [Link]


Purpose of review

Botanicals have long played a crucial role in the management of chronic and infected wounds, yet the mechanistic basis of these therapies remains largely poorly understood by modern science.

Recent Findings

Studies have begun to unveil the mechanistic bases of botanical therapies for wound healing, but more work is necessary. Most notably, investigation into the growing conditions, post-harvest treatment, and pharmacological preparation of these botanicals has demonstrated their importance in terms of the chemical makeup and pharmacological activity of the final product used in pre-clinical and clinical studies.


This work evaluates the potential safety, efficacy, and mechanistic basis of some key botanical ingredients used in traditional medicine for wound care: aloe, marigold, and St. John’s Wort. Furthermore, perspectives on the future role that botanical natural products may play in anti-infective and wound care, innovations are explored.