Fall 2019 Speaking Engagements

Dr. Quave will be speaking in a variety of venues in the USA and Europe this fall. Hope to see you there!

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

  1. Panelist for “Chow: The science of food and not quite food” at DragonCon, Atlanta, GA, 8/31/2019.
  2. Panelist for “The Year in Science” at DragonCon, Atlanta, GA, 8/31/2019
  3. Keynote public lecture. “Nature’s Medicine Chest.” Part of a trio of talks under “Ethnobotany: Plants, People and Nature” Royal Botanic Gardens at Edinburgh. Edinburgh, Scotland. 9/15/2019.
  4. Invited plenary iDigBio Summit: “Cures from herbs? The role of ethnobotany and herbaria in driving the discovery of new drugs from nature” 10/1-3/2019. Gainesville, FL.
  5. University of Florida, Microbiology and Cell Science Seminar. Gainesville, FL. 10/7/2019.
  6. Michigan State University, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics seminar series, East Lansing, MI, 10/22-23/2019
  7. Invited plenary speaker: Microbiology Society Meeting: “Antimicrobial drug discovery from traditional and historical medicine”. 10/29/2019. Oxford, England.
  8. Invited plenary speaker: Herbal History Research Network “Historic herbal texts as a resource for drug discovery in the post-antibiotic era”. 10/30/2019. Bath, England.
  9. University of California San Francisco, Biophysics/Bioinformatics/Chemistry and Chemical Biology Seminar Series. “Ethnobotany-guided discovery of novel natural products for infectious disease.” San Francisco, CA. 1/9/20.