2020 Speaking Schedule

Here is the list of speaking engagements for 2020. Links will be updated as more information is available. Most of the seminars are open to the universities and the public. The conference speaking events require admission.

Invited Speaking Schedule

This is a list of speaking events (plenary talks, keynote lecture, seminar talks) that Dr. Quave has been invited to present at. Click on links for details on the event times and locations.

January 9th: UCSF Chemistry and Chemical Biology (CCB) Seminar Series. “Ethnobotany-guided discovery of novel natural products for infectious disease”. San Francisco, CA.

January 19th: Georgia Herbalists Guild Meeting. Atlanta Botanical Gardens. “Ethnobotany as a guide to the discovery of new antimicrobials”

January 21st: UCLA Scientific Excellence through Diversity Seminar (SEDS) Series. From the field to the lab: Tackling drug discovery research as an amputee and mother.” Los Angeles, CA.

February 7th: Rutgers University Department of Plant Biology Seminar Series Seminar Series. New Brunswick, NJ.

February 21st: Virginia Tech Life Science Seminar Series. Blacksburg, VA.

May 7th-8th: Ramon Areces Foundation International Seminar. Research on Botanical Collections:  Insights and Challenges in a Climate Change Scenery. Madrid, Spain.

May 17th: Symposium on Advanced Wound Care and Wound Healing Society meeting. “Biologics and Novel Botanical Therapies” San Diego, CA.

August 2nd-7th: Gordon Research Conference on Natural Products and Bioactive Compounds. Andover, NH.

September 13th: Garden Club of America. Shirley Meneice Horticulture Conference. Keynote Lecture. Chicago, IL.

December 15-20th: Pacifichem 2020: A Creative Vision for the Future. Chemical and Biological Strategies to Combat Antimicrobial Resistance Session. Honolulu, HI.

Conference Schedule

This is a list of conferences that Dr. Quave and/or members of her research team will be presenting at.

March 1st-5th: Gordon Research Conference on New Antibacterial Discovery and Development: Disruptive Antibiotics and Non-Antibiotic Therapies to Combat Drug-Resistant Bacterial Infections. Barga, Italy.

May 31th-June 4th: Joint Meeting of the Society for Economic Botany and International Society of Ethnobiology. Mona, Jamaica.

July 25th-30th: The International Congress on Natural Products Research. San Francisco, CA.