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The  Quave Research Group is composed of an interdisciplinary team of scientists that focus on medical ethnobotany and drug discovery at Emory University. Specifically, we study the antimicrobial properties of natural products from medicinal plants.


  • Graduate Students. Dr. Quave is a member of the graduate faculty of the Emory Graduate Division of Biological and Biomedical Sciences (GDBBS), in the Microbiology and Molecular Genetics (MMG)  and Molecular and Systems Pharmacology programs. She can take graduate students that have been accepted into the GDBBS divsion of the graduate school at Emory University. Visit the GDBBS website for prospective students for more information on how to apply to the program. She takes PhD and MD/PhD students through these programs. Note that Dr. Quave does not make the decision on who is accepted or not into the program; this is determined by the program’s admissions committee.
  • Visiting Scholars. There are opportunities for international visiting scholar training in the lab. Funding for these positions must be acquired by the scholar via national or international funding agencies (e.g. Fulbright Foundation, The World Academy of Science, Pakistani Scholar Council, and etc.). Training periods differ based on the award, but are typically 3 months-2 years in length. If you have received an award or are in the planning phases to write an award application and are interested in the Quave Research Group, please send an email to Ms. Myleshia Perryman ( with a detailed description of your project, the funding mechanism and length, and a list of items needed from Dr. Quave. Note that even if you have an award, this does not guarantee a slot in the lab. Each applicant is reviewed on a case by case basis for fit with the current lab focus and space availability.
  • Volunteers. There are opportunities for student volunteers to join the lab. These positions are competitive and there is an application process. If you are interested in gaining research experience as a lab volunteer, please complete the online application. Note that volunteers are required to commit to 12-15 hours in the lab per week, in 3 hour minimum blocks. For Emory students, commitment to work in the research group is expected for the duration of your time at Emory, with multiple years preferred. Summer term volunteers are expected to commit 20-40 hours per week in the lab.
  • Undergraduate Research Fellows. There are opportunities available at Emory for research training in various laboratories. These research fellowships typically entail both lab experience and training outside of the lab in research ethics, project design, and presentation of results. Please visit the official website of the Emory Undergraduate Research Programs for more information on how to apply to these highly competitive programs. Upon acceptance to one of these programs, please contact Ms. Myleshia Perryman ( to secure an interview with Dr. Quave. Emory students can also undertake research for credit in Dr. Quave’s lab. Research for credit opportunities are only available to students that have successfully completed one semester of volunteer activity in the lab.
  • Medical Students. In addition to opportunities through the MD/PhD program at Emory, Dr. Quave also participates in the Emory School of Medicine Discovery Phase research program, which provides medical students with the opportunity to conduct hypothesis-driven research projects while working closely with a faculty mentor.
  • Post-doctoral Research Fellows. Any funded post-doctoral jobs will be posted in the news section of the website. Otherwise, we are interested in post-doctoral fellows who come with their own funding. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of our research, post-docs with expertise in one of the following fields are encouraged to apply: medical ethnobotany (with field experience), natural products (isolation/elucidation studies), or microbial pathogensis (particularly biofilm and toxin studies). Interested prospective postdoctoral scholars should contact the research group by email Ms. Myleshia Perryman ( with their research interests and a current CV. Contact us early in your search for funding opportunities.
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