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Short Research Description

The Quave lab applies the ethnobotanical approach to drug discovery. We examine botanical natural products for anti-virulence activity in treatment of multidrug-resistant bacterial infections. This involves field research to document traditional therapies for skin infections, collection of plants for chemical extraction, and bioassay-guided fractionation strategies to isolate novel drugs. You can check the stats on our work in Google Scholar. As of July 2023, Dr. Quave has an H-index of 45, i-10 of 90, and >6,800 total citations of work from her lab.

† Awards, honors, or high citations associated with the publication; ‡ Description of my contribution if I am neither first nor last author (per Emory guidelines); ** Students/postdocs/medical residents I have trained, undergraduate researchers are underlined; # Equal contributions.

Published and Accepted Review Articles in Peer Reviewed Journals:

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    1. ‡ Contributed to literature review, data analysis, writing and revising the article.
  16. Quave, C.L., M. Pardo-de-Santayana, and A. Pieroni (2012) Medical ethnobotany in Europe: from field ethnography to a more culturally-sensitive evidence-based CAM? Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. doi:10.1155/2012/156846. [Link]
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    1. ‡ Contributed to literature review, writing and revising the article.
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Op-Eds, Essays, and Perspectives:

  1. Quave, C.L. (March/April 2022) Searching for nature’s medicines. Spirituality and Health. [March/April 2022 issue in print] [Link]
  2. Quave, C.L. (December 2021). The Plant Hunter. One scientist’s journey finding medicine, ethnobotany and the pharmacological potential of plants. The Ethnobotanical Assembly. Issue 8. Winter 2021. [online] [Link]
  3. Quave, C.L. (December 2021) 7 essential medicinal mints you can grow and use in teas. Spirituality and Health [online] [Link]
  4. Quave, C.L. (November 20, 2021). Hunting for Medicines Hidden in Plants. The Wall Street Journal [online and in print] [Link]
  5. Quave, C.L. (November 18, 2021) Drugs from nature: ethnobotany as a strategy for antimicrobial drug discovery. Biotechniques [online and in print] [Link]
  6. Quave, C.L. (November 15, 2021) Wild Plants and the Food-Medicine Continuum. Herbal History Research Network [online] [Link]
  7. Quave, C.L. (Summer 2021) My Pandemic Zoo. Emory Medicine Magazine [online and in print]
  8. Quave, C.L. Oleandrin is a deadly plant poison, not a COVID-19 cure. The Conversation [Link]
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Editorials and Invited Commentaries:

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